Goose shooting with the fam

December 26, 2007



3 Responses to “Goose shooting with the fam”

  1. mstansberry said

    Dude. That is a balls-load of geese. What are you doing with those things?

  2. moonshineandmatches said

    Yes, it was a lot of geese, and they averaged about 10lbs. Well lets say that everybody has a full freezer.

    So far the best recipe has been to marinate the breasts and thighs in teriaki and BBQ them to just medium rare. They were delicious that wat.

    The Greenhead on the top of the pile got roasted whole with sage and apples stuffed inside, and a few strips of bacon on top.

  3. mstansberry said

    That sounds great. I like goose and duck, but a little goes a long way for me!

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