$5 at Goodwill

January 29, 2008

I recently bought a Olympus XA at Goodwill. It is really small, has user adjustable f/stops, and a rangefinder. Hot dang! I have run three rolls of film through it so far, and I must say that I am not super impressed as of yet. But I doubt that I have taken it off of the widest aperture setting yet, which may account for the general unsharpness of the camera. None the less the images have a delightfully large amount of vignetting around the edges just like my ol’ Lomo justa before it sunk to the depths of the Siltcoos river.

Here are couple of my favs.

EB at a boat ramp on the McKenzie on the way home over a *very* snowy Santiam pass.


The Headless get left behind.

Pops setting deeks.

Not bad for $5.


4 Responses to “$5 at Goodwill”

  1. Nedd said

    You lost the Lomo? And, I must say, I’m disappointed not to see “Hiking with Mike” in your list of Good Things! Alas!

  2. moonshineandmatches said

    Mike aka Nedd- I lost the Lomo…In fact I lost the lomo with you on a canoe trip. Hiking with Nedd = good & strenuous thing. Different Blog Post altogether.

  3. mstansberry said

    Those are some great shots. Love the vignetting.

  4. sajith said

    It is a lot of kick for $5, isn’t it? I haven’t tried any colour film in mine. Now I want to.

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