Weekend Photos of note.

February 4, 2008

Spine and Ribs on a wire.

A spine and a set of ribs found at the entrance to a clearcut out McGowan Creek Road. I thought that this was really creepy when I drove past this, but as I was backing up to photograph it, it occured to me that I might do exactly the same thing if I had found a bunch of cool bones out in the woods. Yet again I might have just left them where they were. Regardless of how they ended up hanging ona wire, I like this image.

The rest of these images are from the sportsman’s show on Saturday. There was very little of note except some taxidermy. The rational for killing and stuffing critters eludes me. Is it so hunter can remember the animal? If I was close enough to that bear to shoot it, you can be sure I would be able to recall it.

Just sayin’………

Backseat Walrus

Backseat Walrus…

Grizzly Bear

The bear of note.

Aaaagh - Lions

Aaaaaagh, lions!

All images shot with the Olympus XA w/ the now working flash unit attached.


2 Responses to “Weekend Photos of note.”

  1. mstansberry said

    Those bones are killer. I doubt I’d have strung them up, but I definitely would have taken a picture.

    I almost went to the Sportsman show but didn’t.

  2. hardcori said

    I’ll bet that lion was cold chillin’ or napping or something when they shot it. Then they try to make it look all fierce like it’s coming after you!

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