Good things

January 28, 2008

  • Snow Days
  • Haley Bonar. A folkie with Midwest roots. Quiet, sparse music for life on the great plains.
  • My newish hiking boots. Even filled to the top with water they did not screw up my feet.
  • Burgers with fried eggs on top (as seen at 19th street)
  • Cowboy movies
  • Teaching myself to like whiskey, in particular, being introduced to good scotch.
  • The art of rearranging public signs. I submit this pair as illustration.


Ella in the snow…

January 28, 2008

Dogs + Snow = Awesome

doll butt – dog butt

January 24, 2008

doll butt – dog butt, originally uploaded by Buddha fisherman.
Last week I aquired two new toys.
a) I have joined the pile of skinny legged, spiky belt hipsters, and purchaced a fixie. It rocks. Still working on fitting it, but It already is 300% more zipish than the fisher MTB. Picture to follow.
b) I have joined the pile of road hunting, sage rat splaterin, varment huntin’, .17hmr owners. I put a big ass scope on it. Will be sighting it in at the local (very strange) range this weekend. I haven’t even shot it yet. Picture to follow.
Interesting combo of objects acting as social signifiers, eh?