The fishing

February 29, 2008

Money shot - Cliped fish

The fishing was pretty cool…Defiantly a great experience. And after a span of 10+ years fishing for the bastards, I fianly caught a few the honest way. I feel like I can finally call myself an Oregonian.

The fly that worked for me (pics to follow)

  • size 6 TMC heavy scud hook
  • tungston bead head
  • lots o’ lead
  • Tail = 2 loops of crystal flash
  • Body = peacock ice dub
  • Hackle = olive chickaboo soft hackle (clip the fibers off of the top of the fly)
  • shell back/tail combo = Small bunch of PT fibers tied in at the head and again at the rear of the fly. Let the excess PT tips form the tail.

I also tied these in chartruse since it seemed that the fish showed an affinity for green things. They looked good, and I did foul hook a sucker fish on one, so hey that something.

And on the way home we saw a bumper sticker that almost defies description. I am too much of something to actually laugh at this. I guess that it just left me dumbfounded. Pretty good for a bumper sticker.


Yes that really does say “Get-R-Drunk”. Classy stuff there.


Overheard at work….

January 11, 2008

“I don’t know what it is about the pig, but he is a tasty fucker”.

                                                                                                        ~J. Ford