doll butt – dog butt

January 24, 2008

doll butt – dog butt, originally uploaded by Buddha fisherman.
Last week I aquired two new toys.
a) I have joined the pile of skinny legged, spiky belt hipsters, and purchaced a fixie. It rocks. Still working on fitting it, but It already is 300% more zipish than the fisher MTB. Picture to follow.
b) I have joined the pile of road hunting, sage rat splaterin, varment huntin’, .17hmr owners. I put a big ass scope on it. Will be sighting it in at the local (very strange) range this weekend. I haven’t even shot it yet. Picture to follow.
Interesting combo of objects acting as social signifiers, eh?




January 14, 2008


Is it just me, or is this picture somehow dirty?

Overheard at work….

January 11, 2008

“I don’t know what it is about the pig, but he is a tasty fucker”.

                                                                                                        ~J. Ford

A few from the South Jetty

January 7, 2008

Gulls on the rock dock 5








Fishing the salmon fly hatch on the Deschutes for the first time. Caught lots of nice fish. Also caught poison oak for the first time. Still have the scars.

A wet, tired Ella on the Metolious after a day of fishing. As usuall the Met yielded no fish. Beautifull place though.

Goose shooting with the fam

December 26, 2007


Filson HQ

October 10, 2007


A small number of casts.

September 28, 2007

Yesterday BRL and I hit a uber-local stretch of the Mac for some power fishing. I caught no fish, he caught no fish. I had one bump. and one slashing strike. Yeah, yeah, I know. But that one strike made my day. It was a thing of beauty. I had just tied on a big ugly golden stone/orange stimulator thing that I had in reserve from the salmonfly hatch this spring on the deschutes. I dropped it into a slack water pool under a tree just downstream of me, and all of the sudden. bang. slashing strike, for which I was wholly unprepared.

All in all a nice night to be out.


September 26, 2007


Many thanks to LL for the super woolie new lid.


My shiny new blog…

September 21, 2007

So here it is.

Moonshine and Matches, catchy name eh? Fall is in the air, the geese are moving about, and I’m feeling the need to rejoin the world of digital self-love. I hope to make this a document that chronicles all of the stupid hobbies and undertakings that fill my days.

You can expect pictures of dinner to be sure, there may be some blood and gore, there will certainly be lots of photos. Some dorky rambling about fishing. Maybe some irate ranting at times. You know, Blog stuff.

Anyway, welcome, friends and strangers alike.

r~ (the buddhafish)

The D on the Beach